…Like a walk in the park
Like a kiss in the dark
Like a sailboat ride
What about the night we cried?
Things… like a lover’s vow
Things… that we don’t do now
Thinkin’ ’bout the things we used to do…

Things- Robbie Williams feat. Kylie Minogue


Of course Friday is the favourite day ever, so Friday’s post couldn’t be nothing but the favourite’s of the week!

There we go!!!

Brownie: Just before it enters the oven…

And here it goes: voila! And the whole house smells like chocolate! Yummy!

Little orgasm brownie

Notice board: Making of. All you need is newspaper sheets, glue, a large piece of cardboard, and… there you go!

Delicious bites: Pollo e broccoli. Grilled spiced chicken fillets, boiled broccoli & homemade warm garlic bread!

Athena that looked forward for some autumn spirit (again) was reaaaally excited when some clouds appeared in the sky two days ago.

The very last sunlight of the day… A beautiful, atmospheric evening at Zografou, from our balcony, captured by Sophia.


We wish you a very special weekend!

Love, A. & S.


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