Long Walks

Hello friends !

We know it’s been a while from our last rendezvous, but we were a little busy with our exams.
So… Autumn here in Greece seems to forget to visit us this year but… lately it’s  slowly making its appearence.
It’s kind of a weird weather,  a little bit unpredictable and you don’t know how to dress…
And there comes this moment, where we think of all those summery long skirts and dresses and how we could transform them into our autumnal closet!
We’ll show you some ideas which we found interesting and we hope that they will inspire you for some super special fall looks.


This doubtless is the must colour of fall & winter.


For a very special look add catchy details, as this little cute yellow bag.


Break the darkness of your look with mustard details and interesting accesories as this fur scarf.


We love the contrast that the rider boot gives to this female long skirt. She has straight away a tough essence to the outfit!


Navy stripes, pink long skirt et voila ! Such a parisien style ! Don’t forget to add the little belt !


She can do it with all star ! Respect ! Don’t you want to try it ?



Plaid skirt and jeans shirt, that’s a combination that you definately see into a fashion magazine one of these days. It’s classic !






You can do it with a intense colour too ! Autumn doesn’t means just dark colours!


Nude lace and dark skirt, fabulous and classy !

via weheartit, Ebba Zingmark, Color Me Nana, Lorelai’s Thing , Visionary Dream.

Enjoy !

Love A. & S.


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