Fifty shades of Grey: The Grey Concept by H&M

Hello everyone!

Of course I’m not referring to the best-selling book, but the new H&M divided collection.

Edgy & youthful, for both boys & girls, the campaign invites us to rock on!

As we read in the H&M page:

“A mix of statement separates and luxury basics injects an effortlesly hip, off-duty model look. Basics that individual style should be built around, a chic blend of urban style staples with a modern twist.”

And it goes on:

“Youthful rebellion drives the collection, mixing aesthetics across the board. A fabulus fusion of disheveled grunge, rock and garments to die for layered together to create a new, edgy collection.”

Plus: one more cool part about this- almost unisex- collection? Hundreds combinations can be achieved, by layering & mixing.


Divided- The Grey Concept video

H&M Divided- The Grey Collection page

Hope it gets you inspired for powerful & rock autumn looks!

Love, A. & S.


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