Welcome April – Flower Crowns

Hello everybody!

April is finally here, and so is Spring, for good! The weather is magnificent here in Athens, the sky is blue, the sun is shining brightly, birds are chirping, a warm smell of orange blossoms surrounds us while walking in the streets… Well… I think you know the feeling, I’m totally overwhelmed by the sweetest of all seasons!

So, can you think of any better way to welcome Spring, than to decorate yourself with some flowers and get into the vibe?

We are currently in love with exquisite flower crowns, which you can also make yourself -with either real or fake flowers- and prepare yourself to feel the spirit of the waking Nature!



flower crown 1



Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 7.09.22 PM



Lana-Del-Rey-flowersLana Del Rey is very fond of flower crowns, and she proves it often.

brigitteBrigitte Bardot is an eternal inspiration…

559202_490839230937128_383572159_nDIY your own personalized flower crown

Hope we got you inspired!


A. & S.


The many faces of Sicily: Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Folk Collection SS13

Hello everyone!

We are back here after a while of absence, and ready to
share with you the new SS13 D&G collection, which literally
fascinated us!

The inspiration behind the collection is in little words a hymn
to the many different beautiful aspects of Sicily, all and each
one of them enchanting and appealing.

The charming prints (extracting their themes from
references to the rich mediterannean heritage of the island,
eg the caltagirone moors, the pupi- or sicilian puppets, the
majolica plates, the striped beach umbrellas), the bright and
vivid colours, the traditional materials (wicker, raffia, sicilian
cart pompons, silk organza and cotton damask) and the
beautiful folk maximalistic accessories, compose a really
unique and inspiring collection.

As we read in Swide:

“The Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2013 fashion show
collection is all about Sicilian Folk. Sicilian prints, fabrics,
images and crafts have all been used in the collection to give
a real sense of the island. From sun umbrella inspired stripes
to Sicilian Island print tops and wicker basket like evening
dresses, Sicily has permeated all areas of the collection.”

and it goes on:

“Sole, Mare, Amore (Sea, Sun, Love) these are the tree
words that characterize the collection. Sea, like the
umbrellas that inspired the striped dresses, Sun, like the
ceramic Moorish heads and plates that inpsired the prints
and Love, like the one Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana
have towards Sicily.”

Subsequently, we share with you some key items of the
collection we really fall in love with, and the inspiration
behind them as well.

(And at this point, you have to excuse us: we are leaving you
to continue our mental travelling in enchanting Sicily…)

Hope you enjoy the journy!

A. & S.


Fashioned like wicker baskets, Dolce&Gabbana have yet again restyled the corset


The new incarnation of Raffia for SS13


Island Top- stripes skirt


This summery hued sun dress exhudes sicilian cool


Sicilian handcrafts like majolica plates lend an unexpected twist


Brocade is a Dolce&Gabbana staple from Sicily. Mix and match brocade with these romantic violet flowers.


Sicilian Moor vases have inspired many prints in the collection. Go folk with ceramics


The Sicilian Cart’s wheels are highly decorated. Perfect inspiration for a top


 Sicilian Marionettes inspired the prints of the SS13 collection



Dolce & Gabbana SS 2013-002









(pictures from D&G SS13 ad campaign)

And for the end some Sicily inspiration!


Traditional map of Sicily

majolic plates sicily

Majolica plates

Giallo Sicilia

sicily ceramics moor vase

Caltagirone Moor head vases



πθπι μαριονεττεσ

Pupi- sicilian puppets




Sicilian decorated cart wheel



Pompon basket


Want more inspiration? Click at the video below:

Dolce & Gabbana SS13: A video guide to Sicilian Folk

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Hello everyone!

This Tuesday we attended the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M exclusive fashion pre-launch party in Athens, at H&M Ermou 54.

We were a little late, and the music show began while we were waiting in the row to enter the event, and then we had to wait for almost another half an hour until the show ended for the gates to open again- “cause the store was way too crowded”, as we’ve been told (which made us wonder how “exclusive” the event really was). Tamta was gorgeous in the red Margiela dress and the tan knee high boots with the plexiglass heel, though we didn’t actually enjoyed the show on the tv screen…

When we finally did it- and entered the store, we were somehow prepared for what we faced: the too crowded space, the almost “manic” people that were fighting over the Margiela clothes to obtain a designer’s piece… Not quite classy, made me think.

We wandered around the store, until the crowd seemed to lessen a little bit, so we could get a more close & peaceful view at the Margiela Collection pieces. All the items were really unique and classy, as well as they were particularly well-cut, with quite minimal lines, yet with a touch of eccentricity, which made them special.

Meanwhile, we tasted the well-refined catering, and -I think I have to admit- we had a liiiittle more champaign!-

So, there you are, we share our experience with you!


Some pieces of the collection that “caught our eye” (though there were many more that we really adored but we didn’t get the chance to take a picture…)

Greek actor Apostolis Totsikas in Maison Martin Margiela with H&M.

Tamta performing.


And some official Maison Martin Margiela with H&M photos:


Hope you enjoy!

Love, A. & S.

Fifty shades of Grey: The Grey Concept by H&M

Hello everyone!

Of course I’m not referring to the best-selling book, but the new H&M divided collection.

Edgy & youthful, for both boys & girls, the campaign invites us to rock on!

As we read in the H&M page:

“A mix of statement separates and luxury basics injects an effortlesly hip, off-duty model look. Basics that individual style should be built around, a chic blend of urban style staples with a modern twist.”

And it goes on:

“Youthful rebellion drives the collection, mixing aesthetics across the board. A fabulus fusion of disheveled grunge, rock and garments to die for layered together to create a new, edgy collection.”

Plus: one more cool part about this- almost unisex- collection? Hundreds combinations can be achieved, by layering & mixing.


Divided- The Grey Concept video

H&M Divided- The Grey Collection page

Hope it gets you inspired for powerful & rock autumn looks!

Love, A. & S.

November | Burgundy

Hello everyone ! November at last ! Wish you to have a lovely month, guys, and we’ll share with you some ‘colour inspiration’ today. The must colour trend this fall/winter is BURGUNDY and we found some super ways to wear it. Take a look and you’ll be obsessed !
You can call it however you like, burgundy, wine’s red or bordeaux but it definately is the new black.

Prada bag in burgundy

What a combination ! Dark green and burgundy is one of our faves.

For a burgundy touch in your outfits add stockings or tights.

Diane Von Fustenberg Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Miranda Kerr with Celine bag

Miranda Kerr Celine bag

Celine Bag in burgundy

Miranda Kerr (yes, burgundy it seems to be her colour in bags lately)

If you want to make the difference, choose to wear burgundy in a coat.

Natalie Off Duty

The Glamourai in a total burgundy autumn outfit.

Ebba does it always perfect !

A lipstick and a nailpolish in this colour is our next buy. (We know is yours too)

pictures via Carolines Mode , Natalie Off Duty, Pinterest, weheartit, Ebba Zingmark, The Glamourai, lookbook.nu.
Hope you enjoyed it !

Love A. & S.

Movie Inspired Style: Skyfall

(Or, “The name is Bond.”)

Hello there! As you can tell, we can’t wait for the new 23rd James Bond movie “Skyfall” to premiere! So, we thought, there couldn’t be any better way to ease our eagerness, than make a Bond inspired post.

“Daniel Craig suits up in Tom Ford for Skyfall.
It is nothing but the best for Britian’s most suave spy, James Bond. And Daniel Craig-starrer Skyfall is creating stylish ripples already. Swiss watchmakers Omega continues its support to the iconic film franchise and Jaguar Land Rover toasts to 50 years of James Bond as well. Another big designer lending his fashionable flare to the movie is Tom Ford. The designer, who was previously at the helm of Gucci, has created the entire bespoke wardrobe for Craig in the movie, including everything from evening tuxedos, shirts, suits and ties to even eyewear. The collaboration is perfect as James Bond with his elegance, style and love of luxury; is indeed the ideal ‘Tom Ford man’ as well.” (as we read in luxurylaunches.com)

The world famous spy is always (even when killing!) in style: So take some ideas for killer-style!

The inspiration: Daniel Craig as James Bond (yes, we think he’s the best Bond ever!)

And here goes some ideas on how you can transfer James style into your looks:

Fabulous three-piece-suit for Ashley Green.

Cate Blanchet, also in a three-piece-suit, always wonderful!

(Last three photos from Donna Karan Fall/Winter 2013 collection)

Giorgio Armani collection for Fall/Winter 2013

Hermes collection Fall/Winter 2013

Victor & Rolf collection

Jessica Alba in gorgeous black & white Narciso Rodriguez from collection s/s 2013, with stylish blazer & tapered pants.

Alexa Chung in black tuxedo inspired ensemble, paired with a classic white button-down shirt, adding a girlie touch with a black bow tie & super bold red lipstick.

Dakota Johnson in black suit & bowtie.

Leighton Meester in charcoal-coloured suit designed by Thom Browne, paired with green envelope and purple pumps.

Shailene Woodley in Dolce & Gabbana suit & grey pointy pumps, styled with side swept fishtail plait.

Olivia palermo in masculine-feminine suit, styled with animal print pumps.

And here are some key-items for the look:

Love A. &  S.

Long Walks

Hello friends !

We know it’s been a while from our last rendezvous, but we were a little busy with our exams.
So… Autumn here in Greece seems to forget to visit us this year but… lately it’s  slowly making its appearence.
It’s kind of a weird weather,  a little bit unpredictable and you don’t know how to dress…
And there comes this moment, where we think of all those summery long skirts and dresses and how we could transform them into our autumnal closet!
We’ll show you some ideas which we found interesting and we hope that they will inspire you for some super special fall looks.


This doubtless is the must colour of fall & winter.


For a very special look add catchy details, as this little cute yellow bag.


Break the darkness of your look with mustard details and interesting accesories as this fur scarf.


We love the contrast that the rider boot gives to this female long skirt. She has straight away a tough essence to the outfit!


Navy stripes, pink long skirt et voila ! Such a parisien style ! Don’t forget to add the little belt !


She can do it with all star ! Respect ! Don’t you want to try it ?



Plaid skirt and jeans shirt, that’s a combination that you definately see into a fashion magazine one of these days. It’s classic !






You can do it with a intense colour too ! Autumn doesn’t means just dark colours!


Nude lace and dark skirt, fabulous and classy !

via weheartit, Ebba Zingmark, Color Me Nana, Lorelai’s Thing , Visionary Dream.

Enjoy !

Love A. & S.

Saturday, I’m in Love

Hello everyone! Here we are again!

And finally, we start to feel the first slightly crisp nights here in Athens- autumn is here for good, after all. And here’s some autumn spirit: enjoy!



Lana del Ray for H&M


Put some tights on! (Diamondzz and Pearlzz)


Knitwear + jean shirt = cool


Mixing different fabrics (knit & silk) in similar tones for an interesting result! (Topshop facebook)


(When Time Stands Still)


I love the boots!  (top: zara, pants: c/o james jeans, vest: forever21, shoes: c/o ugg australia,
jewels: c/o wanderlust, coach, sorrelli, giles & brother) Eat Sleep Wear


Total Burgundy (Eat Sleep Wear)


Adorable silken mustard maxi skirt combined with athletic t-shirt, jean jacket & brown ankle boots: Thumbs up! (BSB Fashion)


Great mix & matching by (BSB Fashion)


On the grungie side 🙂 (Over the Ground)


And a bit on the wild side! (Fashion Grunge)


Brigitte Bardot: Always an inspiration, here navy chic.


Or, how to adapt your summer dress into fall. (Stylitics)


Under my umbrella… (-ella… -ella… -eee…) (La Blogueur)


Let’s add some magic in our days! (Coffee in Wonderland)


Time for a little warming up with a cup of tea.


These boots are made for walking (on crispy autumn leaves!)


Happy Halloween! (Trick or treat??) 😉 Dream Catcher


Love, A. & S.


…Like a walk in the park
Like a kiss in the dark
Like a sailboat ride
What about the night we cried?
Things… like a lover’s vow
Things… that we don’t do now
Thinkin’ ’bout the things we used to do…

Things- Robbie Williams feat. Kylie Minogue


Of course Friday is the favourite day ever, so Friday’s post couldn’t be nothing but the favourite’s of the week!

There we go!!!

Brownie: Just before it enters the oven…

And here it goes: voila! And the whole house smells like chocolate! Yummy!

Little orgasm brownie

Notice board: Making of. All you need is newspaper sheets, glue, a large piece of cardboard, and… there you go!

Delicious bites: Pollo e broccoli. Grilled spiced chicken fillets, boiled broccoli & homemade warm garlic bread!

Athena that looked forward for some autumn spirit (again) was reaaaally excited when some clouds appeared in the sky two days ago.

The very last sunlight of the day… A beautiful, atmospheric evening at Zografou, from our balcony, captured by Sophia.


We wish you a very special weekend!

Love, A. & S.