Movie Inspired style : The Talented Mr. Ripley

Hello everyone !

Lately we’ve become a little “movie freaks” but many times we find ourselves focusing in the stylistic details rather than the movie plot (of course then we have to rewind to catch up with the movie, but it doesn’t matter). So we thought that you might be interested to know our point of view on some of our favourite movies’ style and get some inspiration for your own style as well.

One of our favourite movies of all time is The talented Mr. Ripley (which if you haven’t already watched, we highly recommend you). In late 1950s New York, Tom Ripley (Matt Damon), a young underachiever, is sent to Europe to retrieve a rich and spoiled millionaire playboy, named Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law). But when the errand fails, Ripley takes extreme measures.

A very important reason that we like the particular movie is the surpassing 50’s aesthetics.
The admirable clothing and accessories, the unrivalled vehicles, and also the idyllic and bewitching setting in Italy  (Ischia, Procida and Rome) and the list goes on…

Therefore we prepared for you some notable stills of the movie and below some outfits we single out of nowadays.

We hope you enjoy!

Love, A. & S.

Here goes the looks we selected :

*Movie hint*

Searching for movie stills we discovered that a scene in the movie is actually added self-same from the director Antony Minghela, depicting an Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photo in 1960 in Napoli.

Feel free to let us know what do you think.


Saturday, I’m in Love

I love the combination of loose sweater & boots (A.)

Ouija board… Feeling spook-k-k-k-y 🙂 (S.)

Through the autumn light (S.)

hippy & happy (S.)

What a great idea to match a mini leather dress with a jean shirt and boho details (A.)

Masculine pieces like a militair parka can suceesfully match with feminine details like floral and the result looks super! Natalie (Natalie Off Duty) always does it perfectly. (A.)

Modern Vice Jetts feat. Natalie & Dylana Suarez (A.)

Kate in a gypsy mood! Absolute Freedom! (S.)

Tres chic parisian autumn style by Kelly of Glamourai (A.)

Boho chic in polka dots: Dylana (Color me Nana) (S.)

An inspired idea for a unique braid from Wolf and Willow (A.)

Feeling sensual in autumn’s nature (image via born to be wild) (S.)

Pretty in blue: beautiful combination of plaid and graphic! Laura Bailey in Topshop shirt (S.)

Venezia ti amo….! My dream place on earth (S.)

Just to know, “Saturday, I’m in Love” will be a weekly “column”, and through this post we will share some random pictures that inspire us.
Also, wherever in the blog you see “A.” or “S.” stands for “Athena” and “Sofia”.

Hope you enjoyed the post, and find some inspiration for yourself too!

Love, A. & S.

(pictures via: Glamourai, Natalie Off Duty, Color Me Nana, born to be wild, Topshop facebook page, Pandora, Wolf & Willow, Sea of Shoes.)

Momentography : A night walk in Athens

Hello everyone!

We are excited for sharing with you our thoughts for the very fist time!
We are two sisters from Greece, Athena and Sofia, and we live in Athens. We started this blog to share our moments and our passion about things we love, as style and beauty in every aspect of life.

To begin with, here are some pictures from yesterday’s night walk in Athens and our visit to Momentography/Athens: an art exhibition which takes place in Art Foundation Taf at Monastiraki. Momentography captures a wide range of human emotions as love, friendship, loneliness, hate and passion, using the urban landscape as a backround. A sack of stolen smiles, lonely beds, tv screens with love messages and wonderful pictures floating, compose ten rooms that awake emotional memories.

We ended our walk in the center of Athens with a stop at a beautiful bar, Nueva Trova, with cuban decoration and latin rythms, for a glass of wine.